Meet underwater photographer, Ali Young. Ali was born in Hana on the beautiful island of Maui. Hana, is one of the most untouched areas on Maui, where the people and the culture still closely reflect the simpler lifestyles of old Hawaii.

From a young age, Ali learned to live with and appreciate all that the sea provides. The world-class waters that surround our Hawaiian Islands provide endless play and fun for any age. Mastering the underwater one breath hunt for a fish dinner is quickly perfected when you have no money or wheels.

Ali’s love for spearfishing and free-diving turned into an artistic talent for underwater photography. She has a unique eye for creating and capturing magical moments in the ocean. To the onlooker, it may be hard to tell between her work and her play. It is usually both. This is the life lesson, love what you do.

No matter the mysterious underwater realms you and your favorite pair of fins conquer, or the majestic leviathans of the deep you meet below the surface, you will never forget the first time someone takes you snorkeling.

Gravity leaves when you step into the water and the burdens of the world is left behind like a distant memory. The ocean is a world of color and creatures, danger and beauty.

Magic happens sometimes deep beneath the ocean’s surface while other times it is in a foot of water. The ocean has been part of Ali’s world from the beginning, just as the sun, moon, and stars have been.

Ali has made a business of finding and photographing those moments for others.

Ali Young