IF you grew up next to the shoreline in Hawaii, you know that the lava rock tide pools contain hours of curiosity and entertainment. Tide pools are homes for different fascinating creatures that keiki’s (children) love to investigate each day. From tide pools to the deeps, the ocean is always full of magic. Saltywater Maui is a company built just off that. Our specialty and mission is photographing ocean magic and it started in a tide pool.

In my 20’s, a friend got me a job working on a snorkeling charter boat in Makena, Maui. A whole new world opened up for me. This is where I learned, there are people in the world that have never swum with Sea Turtles before. Such excitement was contagious around finding Hawaiian turtles and I realized a new joy existed. A turtle will always be the highlight of snorkeling in Hawaii. Maui is the best island for the meeting and swimming with Hawaiian Green Sea turtles.  Saltywater Maui has a couple of deluxe lifeguard escorted shoreline specialties. There are numerous businesses on Maui that offer great snorkeling experiences.



    1. The hard way

While both are extremely fun, our photograph is a great example of the hard way…well harder than the easy way. For our preferred way you need to begin with a zest for adventure. We recommend to always snorkel with a friend. Snorkeling gear is easily rented at one of Maui’s many snorkeling shops for cheap. This you will need also is to have someone take you or show you the good spots easily accessible by beach and are turtle zones at the same time. Snorkeling Charter boats are plentiful for different budgets and different wonderful day packages. Saltywater Maui specializes in photographing a deluxe lifeguard chaperoned trip off the beach for small groups.


Turtles are friendly and come right over to snorkelers. The key to get a turtle   to do this is not chase or advance to fast towards it. These are wild protected animals and they get nervous if you appear aggressive. While slow on land never underestimate the speed of one in the water.  That turtle can be gone with a flash of his long aqua-dynamic flippers. You, on the other hand, have switched places with the turtle. Meaning unlike on land you will find yourself slow and not so agile moving in the water unless you are half mermaid. But luckily we a fabulous new package being introduced if you so wish to be one.




The Idea is, is to let him come to you and they will.  The excitement of snorkeling with turtles has been turned into a wonderful gift/guide product.  It is as if we bottled the excitement for you to try out before you book your trip to Maui. The duration of the movie in the kit is 40 minutes, and you will love The Magic of Maui’s Snorkeling.  The kit/movie is available at my website or on Amazon with free shipping to the states.


2. The easy way

You’ll love the easy way. The essentials you will need for this way are 1. A fresh chilled pineapple juice or a fresh island smoothie. 2. A bottle of Manoi of Maui oil and 3. a beach towel to layout on. You may have a turtle take up a spot right next to you on the sand. While certain beaches have no turtles there are a few beaches on the North and South shores that the turtles love to sunbathe on.